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Wireless Remote Control Systems

QTech offers a range of quality wireless and cellular (SMS/text) solutions that allow you to monitor or control almost any application.
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SMS Lite
This low cost cellular remote control unit allows you to monitor and control devices directly from your cellphone. Devices suitably connected to the SMS Lite can be monitored via its 4 switch inputs and turned on or off via the 2 relay outputs.  

Check the status of the devices, receive notifications and escalate alarms to multiple numbers - all from your mobile phone!

SMS Lite-703-581-626-397
SMS Controller
This allows you to send/receive SMS/texts to monitor and control both digital and analogue electrical devices. Supplied with class-leading software for easy configuration of the controller. You can even send texts to other SMS Controllers allowing you to build a network.
Q48 SMS Controller Top view March 2018 smaller
Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) Low Power - Digital I/O
This is a wireless remote control solution with three switched inputs & three relay outputs which allows you to remotely monitor & control three devices with a range of up to 4km and can be extended using the WP2P Repeater Module.

No configuration or programming required, simply wire the connections, connect the power, and go!
Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) Digital & Analogue I/O
The analogue and digital I/O WP2P system is perfect for remote monitoring and control of level/pressure/flow sensors. This solution has one 0-20mA input, one 0-20mA output and two switched inputs & two relay outputs.
Like the WP2P Digital, the range of up to 4km and can be extended using the WP2P Repeater Module.
Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) Repeater Module
The Repeater allows you to increase the range of WP2P modules and allow them to operate around obstacles where you do not have true 'line of sight'. The module can be used with both the Analogue or Digital I/O modules.
Multi Point Controller
The Multi Point Controller enhances the WP2P modules and allows you to create a network of up to eight modules over a range of 4km.
This powerful solution has a sophisticated I/O mapping grid that allows any of the inputs or outputs to be mapped to any module in the system.

Q48 Point to Point Pair System
The Q48 Point to Point (Q48-P2P) is a multiple input - multiple output wireless control system.
Each of the Q48-P2P modules has eight switched inputs, eight solid-state outputs, two 4-20mA inputs, and two 4-20mA outputs which allows you to transmit analogue and digital signals over a range of up to 4km.

Accessories - Power Supplies & Antenna
A selection of suitable DC power supplies and quality externally mounting aerials.

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