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The DATRAN OPC-UA Server is a protocol framework for enabling 3rd party applications to communicate with DATRAN using OPC-UA clients. DATRAN OPC-UA Server replaces OPC Data Access (DA). The DATRAN OPC-UA Server is built using the Unified Automation .NET SDK (Software Development Toolkit). Unified Automation are a leading provider of tools and services for OPC-UA technology.

  • Wonderware Intouch can now connect directly to the DATRAN OPC-UA Server with the Intouch OPC-UA Client.
  • Archestra System Platform has several options for connecting. It has an OPC-UA Client service that will connect directly or it can use the Wonderware Gateway OI Server.

Secure connections between the OPC-UA Server and the client application are created using certificates. It is possible to work without certificates if security is not an issue as the OPC-UA Server can create its own certificates (self signed).


DATRAN OPC-UA Server is typically used as a Microsoft Windows Service but can also be used as a standalone application for development and testing.

Little effort is required in the configuration of DATRAN OPC-UA Server with all settings performed in a single XML file. Security is provided through the use of OpenSSL Certificates.

Once configured, OPC-UA Clients can subscribe for the desired data tags with DATRAN-OPC-UA Server which then notifies the client when those tags change values.

DATRAN OPC-UA Server also supports the communications of RTU logged data from QTech RTUs. As RTU logged data is received by DATRAN in a batch, DATRAN OPC-UA Server streams the notifications to the OPC-UA Client in a way to ensure no data is missed.

The data streaming rate is configurable to allow for tuning to the Archestra system capability.


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