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DLP Self Training Modules

The DLP (Downloadable Program) is the control program of QTech RTUs.

It provides a powerful PLC type functionality for controlling pumps/reservoirs etc. DLPs are written and managed in a software package called DLP-IDE.

The following training modules have been prepared to help you understand the DLPs and encourage technical staff to be familiar with the capabilities and best practises.

pdficon_small.gif Module 01 - DLP Principles
pdficon_small.gif Module 02 - Setting up your DLP
pdficon_small.gif Module 03 - Digitals and  DLP Timers
pdficon_small.gif Module 04 - Analogue Setpoints and Alarms
pdficon_small.gif Module 05 - Pulse Counting
pdficon_small.gif Module 06 - Arithmetic Functions
pdficon_small.gif Module 07 - Logic Operations and Jumps

To assist your learning, the following is a extract from the DLP-IDE help file.

pdficon small DLP-IDE Help File

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