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Electricity Companies

QTech has continued to develop Telemetry solutions for Electricity Lines companies based on  the internationally accepted DNP3 protocol. This means that our XL4 DNP3 RTU and expansion modules can be implemented into any network that is using DNP3 protocol, regardless of what brand of SCADA system is installed.
The XL4 DNP3 RTU is among the smallest and most cost effective units of its type available on the market today. It is the logical choice when choosing a system monitoring or control solution, especially for those users who are preparing to implement ‘Smart Grid’ networks. Whilst ease of installation and operation makes this an extremely attractive device, it can also perform PLC type functions via the internal DLP (Down Loaded Program).
Multiple comms options, including Ethernet or high speed data radio, allows the connection of non DNP3 compliant devices on to the network management system. This provides for a variety of functionality such as, external alarm notification, fault diagnostics and location, switching control, remote monitoring and weather station integration.
The success of this product has meant that QTech has established sales throughout the Electricity Lines industry in New Zealand as well as in Australia and Fiji.

Read more about the XL4 DNP3 RTU.

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