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Three Waters

Water & Waste
QTech has been providing fully comprehensive telemetry solutions to the Three Waters Management Industry for over thirty years. Our DATRANTM hardware, software and communications products have been field proven throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our DATRANTM solutions include state of the art remote management and control systems that are functionally sophisticated while remaining cost effective and easy to use.
One of the key strengths of DATRANTM solutions is that they are constantly evolving and improving so that they incorporate the latest advances in technology. These upgrades mean that the customer can be secure in the knowledge of knowing that their initial investment today will continue to pay off long into the future, without the need to replace the whole system.
This ability for DATRANTM to adapt and adjust to new technology and indeed, changing environmental compliance regulations, means that requirements such as the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards can be accommodated quickly and easily by the DATRANTM system.

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