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With the ever increasing focus on the protection and care of our most valuable resource, clean water, the need to provide more intelligent monitoring and control of irrigation systems is paramount. Irrigators also need to ensure that such monitoring and control systems are both cost effective and efficient.

In a well-managed irrigation system, monitoring is more than checking when storage drops below a set level. Intelligent irrigation systems monitors the reservoir level, pump status, pipe blockages, and water leakages. Plus, users are able to visualise this information and be informed if a fault occurs.

Intelligent control of an irrigation system takes into account both environmental and economic factors. This can include taking into account soil moisture through to intelligent control of pumps to make use of time-of-day electricity billing.

QTech realises there are many different solutions in the irrigation market with many only providing a part of the solution and often failing to work together. To provide irrigators with an intelligent solution, QTech has a range of products which can be as simple as wireless remote monitoring and control, with solar power options (see Wireless Remote Control Systems for more information), through to complete irrigation management system with visual displays and automated SMS alarms. QTech products can also be used to pull together separate irrigation systems into the one monitoring and control platform.

Our Wireless Remote Control Systems are radio-based alternatives to a six core cable and are widely used in this industry.

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