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Remote Monitoring and Control - Tank and Pump

Perfect for Electricians and their Rural Clients

For a classic Tank to Pump solution we recommend digital wireless control using a QTech Digital Wireless Point to Point Low Power Radio system. With good line of sight (or with the inclusion of a single repeater) sites can be separated by up to 2km away from each other.

Using directional Yagi antennas with higher gain can increase this distance to up to 4km.

You will also need a digital float switch or two and a low voltage interface by means of a relay or contractor to control the pump. Note: Having a low level and high level float switch uses 2 of the 3 inputs available.

Then, add the following to your checkout cart:

Digital Wireless Point to Point Low Power Radio System - a pair of 900MHz radios with stub antennas

Note: depending on your situation, you may also need some of the following products. Contact our Sales team to discuss your particular circumstances if you would like assistance.

Remote Solar Station RSS01 - Environmentally protected solar power supply and integral whip antenna for one Digital Wireless Point to Point Low Power radio module.

3dB Whip Antenna - A robust quarter wave omni-directional whip for shorter range applications of all QTech 900MHz products.

Plug Pack - 230V AC input - a 13.8V DC output on 2.1mm DC jack for the pump end of your system.

900MHz 6dB 4 Element Yagi Antenna - 5m coax, high gain aerial with SMA connector and pipe clamp.

Add a Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) Repeater Module and the appropriate antenna if your situation is not line of sight.


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